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Other things that are close to our heart

Soziales Engagement: Eine Gruppe von Menschen in der Natur.

Standards in behavior

GOTEC values to always work in agreement with laws, rules and regulations. The employees of GOTEC at our locations in all countries are requested to comply with these target issues and respect them. In the event details of laws are not known, they are obligated to request them from their superiors or other persons.

Quality of public disclosures

GOTEC obligates itself to provide complete and thorough disclosure of their financial status to partners who have a rightful interest to receive this information.

Donations and Sponsoring

GOTEC recognizes its responsibility with society and promotes projects of common interest for the socially handicapped or people in an emergency life situation and to support them sustainably.

Founding of the SAVE - Wildlife Conservation Fund

In addition the SAVE - Wildlife Conservation Fund was founded which promotes nature and wildlife versatility. SAVE also shows projects for children’s aid, consumer information, education, research on forest animals and demonstrates to the people how they can continue to live in harmony with nature and animals by maintaining the same life quality. The employees of GOTEC Group energetically support the organization. See more at: