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We are very experienced when it comes to preserving the environment

Umweltschutz: Kleiner Junge sitzt auf dem Rasen und hält ein Bild von einem Elektroauto in den Händen.

Standards of behavior

GOTEC aligns its product- and working processes in accordance with stringent criteria for the environment. A further improvement for this is enhanced by the implementation of a tested environmental management system. Corporate decisions are made and examined, focusing on environmental compatibility and production is geared to be as much as possible easy on resources.  Regenerative energy is utilized as much as possible and processes are carried out with little use of energy. In order to conserve the environment, recyclable materials are playing an important role in the applied production processes. GOTEC also expects this kind of consideration and participation from its suppliers and customers.

Project Support

Besides its social projects, GOTEC also supports projects for the protection of nature and the environment.