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Our Mission Statement

Valued treatment of employees

Employees are the heart of GOTEC. That’s why we promote the realization of their personal goals. We are offering them opportunities and possibilities to get ahead in qualifying them individually. Respect and open mindedness toward each individual is the basis of our togetherness and equality is self-explanatory.

Responsible and ethically orientated leadership

The management style at GOTEC stands for creditability, clarity, trust and responsibility toward employees. Leadership in essence means to us, to develop employees, to give them responsibilities, and to find solutions for their problems together. All of this is only possible in a work climate of openness, mannerism and respect, in which we always want to set the example.

The customer needs are always in focus

We want to make our customers happy. We succeed in accomplishing this by supporting them with which they really need and to accompany them during the entire process with our experience, our expertise and a totally open communication.

Responsibility for Quality

To deliver services as required is the task and responsibility of every employee, this means that everyone is responsible for flawless quality in the services which he/she provides. Management initiates decisive measures for the motivation of the employees and provides the necessary means for them.

Cautious and sustainable handling of the environment.

We pay attention to environmentally compatible work processes and production which is easy on resources in our plants. We are working with an environmental management system and are examining all processes for their compatibility with the environment. We promote biodiversity on our planet along with numerous worldwide nature conservation projects. In doing so, we want to maintain intact living spaces with biological varieties also for future generations.