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Make sure to have a smooth and safe ride:
With our prepared rubber parts

Next to light weight construction and fuel consumption, innovative vehicle construction plays a major role along with the subjects of safety and riding comfort. This is where pretreated rubber-metal parts come in. To connect vehicle components with the chassis and dampen vibrations by the engine. In addition they reduce the total weight of the vehicle which in turn reduces fuel consumption and ensures the best possible riding comfort.

Typical use of rubber/metal parts:

Eine Kraftfahrzeug-Achse mit beschichteten Teilen.
  1. Airbag absorber
  2. Anti-vibration elements
  3. Dampening sleeves
  4. Chassis parts
  5. Hydro mounts
  6. Ballpoint pins
  7. Steering parts
  8. Engine bearings
  9. Camshaft absorbers
  10. Leaf springs
  11. Stabilizer mounts
  12. Reinforcement mounts
  13. Torsion vibration dampers